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“I joined AIESEC because of my roommate in college…..” Sound familiar?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kris Stafie
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Lucky for Jason Melo Hall, alum of UW Madison, his roommate had produced a professional recruiting poster for the local chapter and he took notice. He thought if a student could get the opportunity to make a professional design for a student organization then this might be worth checking out. Previously, Jason had never even been out the US or had a desire to travel, but ever since that day at college, internationalism and giving back have defined his life. Jason joined AIESEC shortly after and started in the sales group. He quickly determined that going on a traineeship would help him sell the program so he went to Colombia for 2 ½ months to work for a non-profit. The experience of this traineeship motivated him to come back to Madison and start a trainee reception team. It took awhile to take off but once successfully formed he moved to HR and then LCP. By the last year of school he was dedicating many hours a week to AIESEC.

I found out Jason had the unique experience of being in AIESEC at a time where there was a lot of changes happening at the national level. At the first national conference he attended as LCP, the entire MC resigned and a new team met at a different hotel to rewrite the compendium of AIESEC US. While convincing his new LC members that it would all work out, he had the opportunity to help write the legislation for the new compendium. From this experience he also trained and replicated the legislation at his LC so that his team would better understand legislation at the local level. Madison was one of the first LCs to get a contract to engage companies in AIESEC and to sell the traineeship program. For those not aware, this was only done in AIESEC US for a period of time.

Post graduation, Jason worked for non-profits and stayed engaged with AIESEC not only with students but also in his personal life. He met his wife Lilian at an AIESEC conference in Madison that he was hosting. She was previously on the MC in Brazil and after the conference she stayed in the US to help sales training at different LCs as they were still ramping up.  She actually coached the Madison team that ended up making that first sale among the LCs. Using technology, they dated via Skype until Lilian could come back to the States permanently and within the year they were married! While in the Chicago area, both Lilian and Jason supported AIESEC Northwestern with Jason on the BOA and together they led a planning retreat for the LC. More recently they became proud parents of a future AIESECer baby girl.  

When Lilian was transferred out to California for a job, Jason started doing data analysis at Stanford and gave back to AIESEC again by recruiting a former LCP from San Jose (Shivan Shukla 2010) to work at Stanford in 2016. Recently, Jason celebrated his first year at Facebook and it’s a place where he feels like he is back in AIESEC. It’s mission and values oriented, very international, open and transparent and employees are encouraged to try new things and experiment.

Still involved with AIESEC, Jason has hosted the local chapter at Facebook for lunch and encouraged them to reach out to him for assistance. He also recently joined the AIESEC Life Social Media team to support data analysis of our social media platforms. As I spoke with Jason, I couldn’t help noticing how he continues to pay his AIESEC experience forward, either through the local chapters or at the national level. Check out the video he recently did for AIESEC Life. You too can share a video of your workplace and what you are up to. We would love to connect with you!

Thanks to Jason for sharing his AIESEC experience and welcome to the team!

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