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News & Press: AIESEC US Update

Alumni Engaged for LC Start-ups & Relaunches

Thursday, March 15, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kris Stafie
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Getting Alumni Engaged for LC Start-ups & Relaunches

The image above displays AIESEC 2020 - AIESEC US’ midterm ambition. A key part of achieving this ambition is being accessible to everyone, everywhere.  AIESEC United States realizes they need to have more LCs in order achieve these goals, and they want to start LCs in a way that will set them up for success.


The Organizational Development strategy of the current MC 17/18 term is to focus on growing the expansions and LCs they currently have, but prime the stage for the MC 18/19 team to be able to open new expansions.  They have set a strategy for doing this, and it requires multiple synergies:


Marketing - targeted social media ads to a select group of universities to expand their presence virtually

Outgoing Exchange - offering only a few specific opportunities to promote AIESEC to these new markets

Organizational Development - planning the strategy to support

the new LCs and help the students/universities through the expansions process

Partnerships - Reach out to university faculty and encourage the university to

provide exchange scholarships to build excitement and awareness of AIESEC on the new campus

Alumni - Assist in getting university contacts and setting up conversations, providing support for student candidates and helping to set up Board of Advisors for  new LCs

What makes an ideal Expansion Candidate?

  • Students interested in committing 1-2 years in a leadership role on the Executive Board to build the LC (most important)

  • Universities that do not already offer a plethora of international programs - AIESEC should be  to offering something new and different

  • Sizable student market for Outing Exchange (OGX)

  • Potential future market for Incoming Exchange (ECX) with companies and businesses present

  • Within reasonable distance of an existing LC

Current Target LCs according to Madison Gunning, AIESEC US VP of Organizational Development:

  • Boulder, CO -  University of Colorado
  • Tempe, AZ - Arizona State University
  • St. Louis, MO - Washington University St. Louis
  • Pittsburgh, PA - University of Pittsburgh
  • Charlotte, NC - UNC Charlotte
  • Orlando, FL - University of Central Florida

How Can Alumni Support now in 2018?


Step 1 Provide any university contacts or insights: Now to end of 2018

  • Assist in selling the university on AIESEC, the value it can bring to their campus, and provide exchange scholarships

  • Follow-up on university conversations and if needed, meet them in person

  • Refer any students interested at the selected universities to AIESEC

Step 2  Help recruit student leaders:  Late May to August 2018

  • Recruit a group of students to go on exchanges

  • Help set expectations with the students

The best way to know how to run a Local Committee is to experience our exchange programs (most likely Outgoing Global Volunteer)! Local Committee members are expected to go on exchange at least once during their time in the organization. The best way to ensure the survival of an LC is for a potential  LCP (and hopefully some VPs as well) is to go abroad and directly experience what AIESEC is all about. These students will be the best future LC members, and ideally will feel inspired to create similar exchange experiences for other students. They can search and apply for opportunities at

Step 3  Help get students to a conference: Summer and Fall 2018

  • Assist in getting students to conferences

  • If an expansion is started, be a founding member of the Boards of Advisors

  • Provide leadership/managerial training to the first Executive Board


Summer National Conference will be August 6th-11th, at The Westin Tysons Corner (outside of Washington DC).  After completing their exchange, the next step is for the students to attend this conference.  Here they will go through a re-integration seminar, meet other members of AIESEC US, learn functional knowledge, etc. They will get the first idea of what it takes to start and build an LC. It is ultimately up to the student(s) and MC 18/19 to decide to officially open any expansions at this point. If steps 1 and 2 are followed, the university ideally will be in support of this.


Step 4 Help to build the LC: August 2018 and onward

  • Provide leadership/managerial training to the first Executive Board

  • Assist in becoming officially registered with the university

  • Provide guidance in adding additional Board of Advisor members

  • Ongoing advisory support and feedback on the LCs semester plan


Assuming an expansion is officially started, it will need quite a bit of initial support from both the MC and any alumni. They will need to prove they have what it takes to operate an LC and show some kind of results in the fall. Recruitment and marketing strategies will be very important. It would be ideal for the LC to come to Winter National Conference with a full Executive Board for the 2019/2020 LC leadership term.

Support:  Alumni Coaches!  

Starting or restarting an LC is not an easy undertaking. It requires commitment from the national team, the students on the Executive Board and in the LC, and definitely alumni and a Board of Advisors. If you want to hear about the level of time commitment and dedication from a fellow alum, feel free to reach out to the gentlemen below. They have been through or are currently going through the process, and have a primary understanding of what it takes to build an LC from an alumni perspective.

Jeff Popiel


Greg Lampert


Adam Mackstaller


If you are interested in helping with the following LC expansions, please contact Ian and Madison directly.

AIESEC US Support:


Ian Kawetschanky 

Vice President of Partnerships 


Madison Gunning

VP Organizational Development 

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