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Message to Colorado Alumni Fall 2019

Tuesday, October 8, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Maggie Gisel
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                      Current Leadership Team of AIESEC in Colorado - Fall 2019

Dear Alumni of AIESEC in Colorado,

It is a pleasure to write this letter on behalf of our LC. It’s been a year since we re-established the committee of AIESEC in Colorado, and I wanted to give you an overview on how things have been going, as well as how we have spent some of the money that was generously donated by all of you.

Local Committee HR Capacity:
Currently there are a total of 9 members that compose the leadership body of AIESEC in Colorado.

Over the past year, we have been struggling with retention rates. We’ve seen many people join the committee and leave after a short period of time, we’ve learned a lot from this and set expectations differently this year.

Exchange Overview:
Last year we sent a total of 5 people abroad on exchanges. 3 people went to Perú, 1 person went to Ecuador, and 1 person traveled to Portugal.

Plans for this year:
As mentioned above, we decided to set expectations differently this year. A lot of people who join AIESEC do it for the vision of peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential, but they leave once they realize that we are actually doing work outside of our weekly meetings (selling the exchanges and managing someone’s experience.) This year we decided to make everyone aware that they are signing up to volunteer for a not-for-profit leadership development organization that makes an impact on the world by developing young leaders in the Colorado community, which requires an individual’s time commitment as well as a commitment to the team. We stopped treating AIESEC like a club and gave it the respect that it deserves.

Our plans:
Working with the Leeds School of Business (with whom we have an official partnership this year.)

  •  Engaging international affairs students (whom get credits for an AIESEC exchange.)
  •  Engaging alumni a lot more, inviting them to events that we will host on campus as well as informal get togethers.
  •  Enjoying the work that we do.

50th Anniversary fund allocation:
Here is a breakdown of how we’ve spent the money so far:

1.  $1,400 on a plane ticket to São Paulo, Brazil.
I attended a conference for presidents of AIESEC committees from the Americas region. There, I got to interact with presidents who manage committees that perform thousands of exchanges in one year, and learn from them how it is that they lead their people. I also got to build partnerships with committees that are known for amazing value delivery.

2.  $798 on exchange fees for two members of AIESEC in Colorado.
Exchange fees for two members of AIESEC in Colorado. I went to Ecuador on my AIESEC exchange, and this was another unforgettable experience, because it is where I finally understood what AIESEC is. Getting the chance to volunteer for one of the projects that we are promoting, stepping outside of my comfort zone to realize and learn a lot about myself as a person, and seeing the culture of AIESEC in another country was eye opening.

3.  $823.50 on conference travel
Support in going to the conferences that occurred in Chicago, IL via plane and/or car.

Your generous contributions have made it possible for us to re-establish AIESEC in Colorado. Without this support, we would not have been able to understand what AIESEC really is.

I am confident to say that we have a really good foundation that is currently being built for the long-term sustainable existence of our committee. Last year was a learning experience for all of us in the committee. When I re-established the committee, I had no idea what AIESEC is. Now that I see the potential it has to make an impact on the community by developing individuals, I am more than ready for this up-coming year.

Mateusz Milaszewski LCP 2018-2019 
University of Colorado Boulder, 9/24/19

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