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Loraine Davis von Moltke: "I was Born on an AIESEC Traineeship!"

Tuesday, December 17, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Maggie Gisel
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By Stephanie Stewart (Colorado 1988)  


          Nick Davis (AIESEC Stanford) and daughter, Loraine Davis von Moltke (AIESEC Colorado) 

In 1983, Loraine (Davis) von Moltke saw someone walking across her college campus wearing an AIESEC sweatshirt – the one that had a globe featured in the logo. “I looked at this sweatshirt and I said, that's me!” She asked the person, “What is this organization, AIESEC? And I said to myself, I’ve got to get involved.” She was excited by the energy the group had and felt it mixed with her ambition to work and live abroad. “If you are in tune to AIESEC, it speaks to you. You just become a part of its fabric quite easily. It’s not just that it facilitates these international work experiences, it’s the people who are involved.” Loraine was elected to be the head of marketing for AIESEC Colorado in Boulder. She told her parents, “Guess what? I am involved in this very cool organization, AIESEC, and it is, hopefully, going to enable me to study abroad.” Her dad burst out laughing and said, “Loraine, you didn’t know this but you were born when I was on an AIESEC traineeship!” Surprisingly, Loraine never knew the reason why she was born in Santiago, Chile.

Nick Davis, Loraine’s father, was the LCP of AIESEC Stanford while studying for his MBA in 1962 and he raised traineeships in the Palo Alto area. He applied for an internship and landed in Santiago, Chile at the Asesoria en Organizacion of the Universidad de Chile. He described his job in Chile, saying, “My office had its token communists and a couple of management analysts from the university business school. We reviewed and attempted to improve the management skills of the school in the turbulent political atmosphere of Chile's emerging democracy.”

Nick and his wife, Linda, had decided they would move together to Chile for the AIESEC traineeship despite Linda being 8 months pregnant with their first child. Loraine explains, “My mother who spoke no Spanish, going down to South America and having a baby, was quite courageous.” Loraine’s father looks back on it today, “Of course, emerging from the Lan Chile airplane with an 8-month pregnant wife in June 1962 was startling to all concerned. We found one of the best OBs in Santiago and Loraine was born on schedule. "Una guagua perfecta, by the grace of God!”  After his internship, Nick returned to Stanford, finished his MBA and then moved to New York.  A decade later, the family settled in Colorado. Today, Loraine’s father runs his own financial management firm in Bozeman, Montana.

During high school, Loraine, studied for a year at Claremont Colleges in California. Then she took a year off to study French and was awarded a diploma of French Language and Civilization at the Sorbonne in Paris. She returned to the US and transferred to CU Boulder where she joined AIESEC. After leaving Colorado, Loraine went on an AIESEC traineeship in Germany and once she completed her MBA at Harvard in Boston, she returned to Germany to work for the Treuhandanstalt in Berlin. She is married to her German husband and they have lived near London with their four children for the past 20 years. One of Loraine’s daughters has also explored the possibility of an AIESEC traineeship!

Loraine is the Chair and co-founding trustee of a UK registered charity, Tale2Tail, which seeks to educate primary school children to end the demand for illegal wildlife trade such as ivory and rhino horn. She explains, “We harness the power of storytelling and enable kids to understand that our natural world is at risk.” They began with a mystery book, An Elephant for Breakfast, by Zella (a book about illegal trade) and now they are working with the UK government to provide educational packs for 115,000 schools worldwide. They’ve also recorded videos with famous people, who read chapters of the books and give lessons. A sense of social purpose, fostered through AIESEC experiences and international exposure, is carried on through Loraine’s work today.  

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