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AIESEC Life is pleased to help promote great podcast content through our AIESECTalks podcast series. Content will come from alumni who represent different industries, careers, or just topics of interest. If you have a podcast you think our alumni would be interested in be sure and let us know. Send an email to and let her know the details. We will keep all the links to featured podcasts this page.

September 2019 - Climate One is a thriving leadership dialogue on energy, the economy and the environment advancing the discussion about a clean energy future. This month we feature their episode, Carbon Offsets: Privileged Pollution? which poses the questions: "Are carbon offsets the best thing a consumer can do right now?"  "Are offsets a legitimate tool or a delusion that allows heavy emitters as way out of taking real action?" (iTunes Link)

August 2019 - This month our podcast comes from Journalist and bestselling author Michael Lewis (Liar's Poker, Moneyball). In this episode, Lewis takes a searing look at what’s happened to fairness — in financial markets, newsrooms, basketball games, courts of law, and much more. (iTunes Link)

July 2019 - This month our podcast is about building sales success through deep planning and prep with executive coach Brian Cork. Brian is featured on the Uncommon Sales Success Podcast and in this episode focuses on how to create habits like the top 10% to grow your sales.  

June 2019 - Check out this episode about Great Work in a Great World, hosted by one AIESEC Alum in the U.S. interviewing another AIESEC Alum and President of Great Place to Work Italy, Andrea Montuschi from The Market And The Good podcast.  Hosted by Alum Chris Gassman.

May 2019 - Malcolm Gladwell has a podcast called Revisionist History and is this episode he covers 12 Rules for Life with an interesting take on some life choices and how data can help you make the best decision, but is it the right decision? Listen and find out.

March 2019 - has a podcast called Peeling Back the Layers of Diversity and Inclusion, featuring Carin Taylor, chief diversity officer at Workday, and Mike Dillon, chief diversity and inclusion leader at PwC. (Soundcloud)

Feb/March 2019 - Let's talk about Creativity! Freakonomics Radio has a series on How to Be Creative. We begin with the first episode, where host Stephen J. Dubner speaks with artists, inventors, economists, scientists, and professors on what creativity is, where it comes from, and how to cultivate it. (iTunes Link)

January 2019 - We are starting off the new year with a podcast from NPR's How I Built This with Guy Raz.  He interviews Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice who created Soulcycle in NYC.  The interview covers how they started, failures along the way, what helped them be successful and how they eventually sold the business. (iTunes Link)

December 2018 - This month we feature two podcasts on the topic of Open Office Space. One from Freakonomics Stephen Dubner featuring the history of the office space and interviews on productivity (iTunes Link).  The other podcast comes from Fast Company's Secrets of the Most Productive People" and gives real world commentary of open office space and tips on how to focus. (iTunes Link)

November 2018 - This month we hear from Alison Beard, Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review Ideacast who interviews a famous Alumnus, John Kerry, former Secretary of State.  Alison gets his thoughts on leadership, management and how to never give up on your goals.  He has a new book out, Every Day is Extra on Amazon.  (iTunes Link)

October 2018This month we are looking at another Freakanomics podcast from Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. In their new book Think Like a Freak, Dubner and Levitt  argue that perhaps we’re not thinking clearly about failure. Failure, they say, can be your friend.  (iTunes Link)

September 2018 -  Duke University and AIESEC alum, Glenn Zweig is an entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, blogger and podcaster.  But before he was all of this, he was an AIESEC LCP who turned around a struggling Duke LC in 1988-89.  He counts AIESEC as one of his university highlights.  This month, we feature Glen and his podcast, “The Art of Excellence” where he interviews Beth Comstock, former Vice Chair for GE and named by Forbes as one of The World's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2015 and 2016. (iTunes link

August 2018 - Our August podcast comes from NPR, Hidden Brain hosted by Shankar Vedantam.  Shankar Vedantam is NPR's social science correspondent and the host of Hidden Brain. The Edge Effect with Social scientist Adam Galinsky(iTunes link) original publication 7/2/18  

July 2018 - Masters of Scale host Reid Hoffman interviews the co-founder of AirBnB, Brian Chesky, on how you scale your company by doing things that don't scale. (iTunes link) original publication 7/11/2018

June 2018 - Freakonomics, Steven Dubner, interviews experts regarding the "planning fallacy", get summer projects kicked off right (iTunes link) original publication 3/7/2018

May 2018 - The Global Shuffle, Derek Vollebregt, interviews Tracy Collins about mindfulness, meditation, and remote working (iTunes link) original publication 12/21/17

March 2018 - The Money Jar, Todd Yuzuriha and Evan Wilson, interview with alumna Laura Clydesdale on "The financial gender gap" – how are girls disadvantaged when it comes to money?" (iTunes link) original publication 1/27/17

February 2018 - The Global Shuffle, Derek Vollebregt, interview with Christian Fortin, Canadian alum talks about volunteering at the Olympics (iTunes link) original publication 7/26/16

January 2018 - Just-in-Time Cafe, Elisabeth Swan & Tracey O'Rourke, interview alumna Sally Toister, Senior Director, Operational Excellence, Marriott Hotels about Lean Processes and Six Sigma, Plus what is a Gemba? (iTunes link) original publication 1/15/18

December 2017 - Skimm'd from the Couch, Denise Restauri, interview with Sallie Krawcheck former CFO of Citi and CEO of Merrill Lynch (iTunes link) original publication 2/27/18 - updated podcast as original content not available

November 2017 - The Global Shuffle, Derek Vollebregt, Inez Natalia talks about her book: "Turn Right: Journey to Purposeful Careers" (iTunes link) original publication 2/7/17

October 2017 - The Global Shuffle, Derek Vollebregt, interview with Jan Muehlfeit, former Chairman of Microsoft Europe and Author of The Positive Leader (iTunes link)  original publication 5/9/17


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