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JoAnn Boland International Scholarship Fund
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Sofia Lazaro, JAB scholar, in Greece














The JoAnn Boland Scholarship was started by a group of AIESEC alumni who created the fund in memory of JoAnn Boland.  JoAnn served at AIESEC United States as Vice President of Human Resources in 1992 –1993 and as Local Committee President of AIESEC Miami of Ohio in 1991-92. Throughout her career in AIESEC, JoAnn focused on the development of AIESEC’s international leaders. She was an international leader herself and inspired others to follow in her footsteps as she fostered the development of over 70 local committees during her tenure at AIESEC US. Tragically, shortly before she was due to depart on her own international traineeship in Finland, JoAnn died in a car accident on February 22, 1994. After her death, several AIESEC friends asked about creating a scholarship fund in her memory. The JoAnn Boland International Scholarship Fund was launched in 2000 with contributions dedicated to sponsoring AIESEC US local committee members’ attendance at international conferences. Since its inception over 45 scholarship awards have been given.

AIESEC Life would like to encourage alumni to support the JoAnn Boland International Scholarship Fund to help sponsor the development of future AIESEC leaders. All proceeds will go toward scholarships for AIESEC US local committee members to attend international conferences.

Scholarships will be awarded annually at AIESEC US summer and winter conferences. AIESEC US collects applications and the final selection is made by JoAnn Boland’s AIESEC US staff team from 1992-93 (Dariusz Paczuski, Martin Alvarez, Heidi Dickert, Laura Granucci, David Kunz and Renee Klosterman). After awardees attend their international conference, essays are written summarizing what they learned and how they achieved their objectives both for themselves and for AIESEC. These essays are shared in the AIESEC Life monthly newsletter and, most recently, have been linked to the recipients' names.

Alumni electing to give specifically to the JoAnn Boland Fund may do so on this page.


Recipients of the JoAnn Boland International Scholarship Fund

(Essays are available wherever names are hyper-linked.)


  • Lauren Suga
  • Lily DeNoma -  Americas LCP Summit, Brazil 2019




  • Amie Tabiando
  • Rachel Prince










  • Katy Hayes - AXLDS Mexico 2007


  • Juli Huang - Anatolia Congress Turkey 2005


  • Andrew Martin - Expro/ALDS Brazil 2005
  • Agnes Sekowshki - Expro/ALDS Brazil 2005
  • Michael Williams - Expro/ALDS Brazil 2005


  • Sarah Ketvirtis - Expro/ALDS Venezuela 2004
  • Anca Marinescu - IC 2003 Yugoslavia
  • Lisa Overholtzer - Expro/ALDS Venezuela 2004
  • Aaryn Ryan- - LDS Ukraine 2004
  • Rita Schiesser - Expro/ALDS Italy 2004


  • Carly Lewis - Expro/ALDS El Salvador 2003
  • Jesse Lovegren - Expro/ALDS El Salvador 2003
  • Sarena Syma - NC Turkey 2002


  • Saki Takasu - Expro/LDS India 2002


  • Nisrin Jaara - Euro Expro The Netherlands 2001
  • Rainia Noble - ALDS Venezuela 2000 

Donors of the JoAnn Boland International Scholarship Fund
Kris Snodgrass Cherish Clark Marina Grintsvayg Laura Jacobs
Dariusz Paczuski Heidi Dickert John Allen Mary Ryan
Julie McDaniel Ryan Kalmbach Andrew Thackray

Heidi Dickert Eric Rozenberg Martin Alvarez Todd Brown
 John Wright  Dariusz Paczuski  Andrew Thackray  Jeff Popiel
 Julie McDaniel  Sarah Ketvirtis  Kathryn Boland Dietry  Scott Fulton& Sumita Vasudeva
 Heidi Kraft  Kate Hogle  David Gonzalez  Chris Arens
 Margret Boland O'Toole  Declan Cummings  Ann McAulay  Kim Mahoney
 Tina Chung Hurley  Rita Scheisser  Laura Jacobs  


Josh Hannah Arthur de Haan Jeff Popiel Renee Dusseau
Mark Stell Martin Alvarez Debra Underwood Scott Barrett
Kristina Grammatico Edith Gong Kris Stafie Sarah Ketvirtis
Grace Augustine Joe & Jill Fletcher Drew Weeks Jeremy Findley
Al Merritt Derrick Scholl  Kelly Valentine Julie McDaniel
Adam Karas Tina Carlson Margaret Boland O'Toole  Cindy & Larry Drury
Frank Foti Joe Campagna Robin Hauser Sandy Dixon
Heidi Dickert Lee Ruegsegger Greg Garofolo Laura Clydesdale
David Welton Heather Blahnik John Wright Randy Salim
Patrick Evans Dariusz Paczuski  Jeff Merage Scott Fulton & Sumita Vasudeva
Stephanie Carlson Andrew Rowe James Larmer Kim Smith
Patrick & Daniele Lea Cindy Borski Sarah Ketvertis Andrew Thackery
Stephanie Janssen Julie McDaniel Sandy Burton Todd Brown
John Allen Ryan Kalmbach


Sarah Ketvirtis Dariusz Paczuski



Stephen Fuller



David Bizer Joseph Pinto



Scott Barrett Mary Ann Boland Stephanie Coldwell Pam Heinemann
Laura (Granucci) Jacobs Julie McDaniel Gwen Migita Dariusz Paczuski
Jeff Popiel Jonathan and Karen Thigpen



Martin Alvarez David Bizer Harry E. Boland Margaret A. Boland
Christiana Cordiano Johannes & Lynda Baker Funke Pamela Hake Stephanie Janssen
Kelley Ketchmark David Kunz Amanda Lewis Eric London
Joe Loughrey Amy Middelburg Randy Salim Stacie Sherer
Suzanne Spang Michael Stewart David Welton



Martin Alvarez Harry & Mary Ann Boland Kalyani Bulfer Heidi Dickert
Steve Fuller Laura (Granucci) Jacobs Pam Heinemann Stephanie Janssen
Arnold Kasemsarn Sarah Ketvirtis Eric London Julie McDaniel
Margaret O’Toole Debbie Underwood Randy Salim Stacie Sherer
Stephen Salter Saki Takasu Drew Weeks


Martin Alvarez Kalyani Bulfer Brian Burson Heidi Dickert
Frank Foti Steve Fuller Arthur de Haan & Lili Hein Deno Naiker
Randy Salim Pam (Hake) Heinemann Margaret (Boland) O’Toole

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