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Resources for Local Committee Members
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The alumni community can often serve as a Local Committee’s most powerful tool when used properly.  

Students who work diligently to build and maintain strong relations with their alumni will often find themselves with traineeship sponsors, leads, and BOA candidates. Many LCs actually find more referrals than they can follow up on! That is because the alumni community is perhaps the greatest support network a Local Committee will ever know. Alumni not only share your passion and commitment for exchange – they share your passion for the entire AIESEC experience. Why, you ask, after so many years? Simply said: many of them are indebted to it. Their AIESEC experience taught them valuable leadership skills. Helped them land their first job. Sent them oversees or perhaps opened their eyes to the world beyond their campus.



“As a member, alumni were integral throughout all aspects of my AIESEC experience. Alumni taught me how to start an LC, sponsored me to go to international conferences for training, adopted me into their expat networks during my traineeships, took on Salaam trainees when AIESEC US was in need, and were my mentors every step of the way.”

- Tiffany Curtiss,
AIESEC US MCP, 2009-2010




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