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Alumni Traineeship Referral Program
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AIESEC Life is committed to supporting the growth of AIESEC United States. One way we can achieve this is by encouraging and facilitating alumni involvement in AIESEC’s traineeship program. Many alumni have had life-changing experiences through the traineeship program, either by working as a trainee or by hosting and receiving AIESECers from abroad.  Today’s AIESEC traineeship program is just as compelling as it was when you were a member. If you can  identify a traineeship opportunity or hire an AIESEC trainee in your own company, please tell us about it on our ONLINE REFERRAL FORM.  Someone from AIESEC US will be in touch with you shortly. 

Benefits of Taking a Trainee

Business & Technical Skill Availability
Access a Global Talent Pool
Low-Risk International Recruiting
International Expansion
Multilingual Talent
Project-Based Resources
Giving Back
Flexible Timeline
Cutomer-Centric Approach


Want a Glimpse at Potential Candidates?

Check out these one-pager summaries of the most common traineeship profiles.

General Marketing & Sales

Trading Relations

Database Management & Mobile Application Development

The Process
1. Verify the company’s eligibility to be a Host Company.
2. Fill out a Training Plan with the hosting Local Committee, outlining what the intern will learn during the traineeship.
3. After receiving the complete Training Plan, AIESEC US will send the Host Company a contract and invoice, and the hosting Local Committee will begin sourcing.
4. About two weeks later, the Local Committee will send the company a short list of candidates to interview.
5. After the company makes the final selection, AIESEC US starts the visa paperwork. The intern will arrive approximately 4 weeks after the final selection.
6. The hosting Local Committee will check-in and provide necessary support for the duration of the traineeship.

Cost of Taking a Trainee

One-time sourcing fee to AIESEC which includes all costs such as sourcing, VISA, Health Insurance and reception for the trainee. 


Monthly Intern Stipend

Employers are expected to pay a monthly stipend to adequately cover the cost of living for each intern. This is usually around a minimum of $2,000 per month, but is encouraged to be higher depending on the level of position.

Minimum Qualifications

The company must meet these three requirements to be eligible to be a Host Company with AIESEC United States:

1. Have at least 25 full-time employees.
2. Be at least 3-years old.
3. Make at least $3M in annual revenue. 



1. Finalize Job Description

Week 1

2. Sign Contract

Week 1

3. Talent Sourcing

Week 2-4

4. Intern Selection

Week 4 -5

5. Visa Processing

Week 6-8

6. Intern Preparation

Week 6-10

7. Intern Reception and Integration

Week 11


Help Us Help AIESEC

Traineeships raised through alumni referrals benefit both AIESEC and AIESEC Life.   A portion of all TN processing fees generated through alumni referrals here are donated back to AIESEC Life.

Want More Information?

click here to see AIESEC US's official brochure on the exchange program!

Successful Traineeships Realized Through AIESEC Alumni

Alum Takes Trainees to Help in Expansion to China
AIESEC Alumnus Successfully Introduces AIESEC to Dell
AIESEC Trainees Receive a Warm Welcome in Denver and Atlanta
Trainees Work in Accounting and Market Research on Summer Assignments
AIESEC Trainees Work in Marketing and Sales in Seattle and Portland
Business Owner and Former AIESEC Trainee Takes Trainees in Mechanical Engineering
The Potential of an AIESEC Technical Trainee
AIESEC Trainees Work as Freight Managers at TMC
AIESEC Trainees Work in Marketing at UPS
Submit a Lead or Referral

Submit a lead or referral in the form here and a member of the AIESEC US team will be in touch with you shortly.  If you don't hear from someone soon, please contact Jonathan Haviv, Vice President of Incoming Global Talent at AIESEC US -

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